Discovering new authors

Throwing this out there: When you read a book by an author you were previously unfamiliar with, and love it, do you immediately track down everything else they’ve written and read as much of it as you can get your hands on? Or to you spread it out slowly to savor it (or, from a more pessimistic standpoint, to avoid getting sick of it)? Or does it hardly affect whether or not you’ll pick something up by the same author, because you find your likes aren’t really that consistent?

My instinct usually is to do the first, but my budget means it ends up looking more like the second. And sadly, I maybe should follow the third to some extent–when I fall in love with the first book I’ve read by an author, I rarely enjoy any others quite as much.



Discovering new authors — 2 Comments

  1. Depends on how much I like their novel. If I absolutely love it, as in I know that novel will be re-read again and again in the future, then I track them down. If I love the novel, but more like only in the moment, then probably only check out their other novels if I am in the mood to.

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