Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been tapped by Vikki VanSickle, a most excellent fellow Torontonian YA author, to participate in the writing process blog tour that’s been making the rounds. I will attempt to make this the start of a more active blog, now that the little guy is not quite so little. ;)

1. What am I working on?

Right now I’m just finishing up the first draft of the third book in my new SF YA trilogy (time travel! space ships! aliens!) and putting together a website for the trilogy so you all can learn more about it.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I’m not arrogant enough to suggest my books are doing something no one else in the world does! Heh. But how I think my work differs from a lot of of YA speculative fiction out there… The romances in my books are usually secondary to the main plot, which is something separate from the romance. Not that I don’t enjoy reading or writing romance, I do, I just prefer it as a side dish. :) Related to that, I try to highlight friendships and other non-romantic relationships alongside the romances. It makes me sad to see a strong teen girl protagonist who seems to have no female friends and no significant interaction with anyone who isn’t a potential love interest or an enemy.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I write YA because I think the teen years are a fascinating time in a character’s life to explore, with so many firsts and all that goes into discovering what sort of person you want to be. And also because teens are awesome readers to write for, with their enthusiasm and openness to thinking outside the box.

I write speculative fiction because I find exploring “what if”s related to magic, the supernatural, the future, and so on more engaging than sticking the the boundaries of reality as we know it. And because sometimes it’s easier to examine what’s happening in our reality through metaphor and parallels than looking at it literally.

4. How does my writing process work?

I’ve found my writing process continues to evolve even now that I have several sold books under my belt. The things that have stayed the same since I first started writing novels in my teens: I always outline, scene by scene, from beginning to end, before I start the actual drafting. (The detail of the outlines varies from book to book.) I draft quickly, usually writing 10-20 pages a day. After I finish a draft, I let it sit for at least a month before going back to it. After the first or second draft (depending), I get critique partners to read over the book and let me know what’s working and what’s not. And when I revise, I retype the entire book from beginning to end, even the parts I’m not changing (because even if I don’t think a part needs changing, when I have to write it out again anyway, I often find ways to strengthen it. And also because this helps me stay in the flow of the book).

I have not been able to tag anyone else, but if you’d like to join in the blog tour and haven’t been invited yet, consider this an open invitation to carry it on!

Toronto Launch Party!

For those of you local, yes, I am having an in person launch party for The Worlds We Make. I’d love to see you there!

When: Saturday March 8th at 3pm (until we decide to wrap up–I’d imagine no earlier than 5pm)

Where: Bakka-Phoenix Books, 84 Harbord St (just west of Spadina), Toronto, ON

What: Books sold and signed, refreshments and swag offered. I’ll be answering any questions you have about the trilogy and am happy to chat about just about anything. :) And there’ll be a special guest appearance by my other recent “project”, The Baby!

If you think you’ll be able to attend, you can RSVP here on Facebook.

The Worlds We Make online launch party!

It’s launch day for The Worlds We Make, and that means it’s time to party! :D

All day, you can post questions or comments about the trilogy here on the blog, on Twitter (to @megancrewe), and over at the Facebook event page. I’ll answer those as I’m able. I’ll also be posting a couple of giveaway questions on the FB page, so keep an eye out!

From 8-9 pm EST, I’ll be hanging out in our very own Chatzy chat room answering questions live and offering various signed books via random draw and trivia questions about the trilogy. Link and password will be posted here and on the FB page shortly before 8pm. Hope you can join me there!

Chat room: http://us11.chatzy.com/85405835280310
password to enter: kaelyn

And all day, to celebrate the launch, you can fill out the form below to request a signed bookplate to put in your copy of The Worlds We Make. (Note to street team members: No need to request one here as you’ll already be getting one as part of your street team swag pack!) This is open to readers all over the world:

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Remember, if you’re a fan of the trilogy, there’s still time for you to get involved with the Fallen World Street Team, to help spread the word and win some awesome prizes. Details here!

Hope you enjoy the end of the Fallen World trilogy! :) It’s been a pleasure sharing Kaelyn’s story with you.

Online launch party: Mark your calendars!

The votes are in! We had a clear preference for time and a pretty even split on place, so I’m going to keep things a little flexible.

Here’s the plan…

The Worlds We Make Online Launch Party

When: Tuesday, February 11th, all day. Live chat with me from 8pm to 9pm EST.

Where: Ask questions or post your thoughts about the trilogy and The Worlds We Make on the Facebook event page, which I’ll be checking periodically and responding to throughout the day. Keep an eye out — I’ll also be posting at least a couple giveaways there.

Shortly before 8pm, I’ll post a link to a Chatzy chat room here on my blog and on the Facebook event page. Everyone is welcome to join in! I’ll be there for the entire hour, answering your questions and giving away more books. And when the chat is over, I’ll keep the link up for anyone who missed it but wants to read over the conversation later.

For those who prefer Twitter, you’re welcome to ask questions and comment there throughout the day and I’ll be checking there regularly too.

How: If you want to stay in the loop, mark yourself as attending the launch on Facebook so you’ll get notifications when new comments are posted there. Or just keep an eye on that page and this blog. :)

Hope to talk with lots of you then!

Planning the online launch party

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be able to hold an online launch party for The Worlds We Make on its release date, February 11th. To make sure it’s as enjoyable as possible for you all, I’d like to know what would work best for you! So if you want to join in, please take a moment to vote in the polls below.

In the evening of Feb 11th, I’ll devote an hour to chatting with readers about the trilogy, answering any questions you have, and offering a bunch of signed copies of the books in giveaways. What I’d like to know is what time is best for you, and where you’d most like the chat to take place. I’ll try to accommodate as many people as possible! And if you have ideas I haven’t mentioned, just let me know. :)

Online launch party poll
What time is it easiest for you to join in the party on Feb 11?


Online launch party poll 2
Where would you prefer the chat/discussion to take place?

Looking forward to hanging out with you all (virtually) next Tuesday!

Baby and book launches

It’s been quiet on the blog for the last little while, for good reason. I’ve spent the last two weeks very focused on this handsome gentleman…

Thankfully the little guy has so far been pretty easygoing, as babies go, from what I’ve been given to understand. ;) So I’m going to be able to have launch parties for my other new arrival both online and off!

The online launch for The Worlds We Make will be on the release day, February 11th (next Tuesday). More details and requests for preferences coming tomorrow!

The in person launch will be taking place in early March in Toronto, details coming as they’re available.

The Fallen World Street Team giveaway begins!

With the release of The Worlds We Make just five weeks away, and The Lives We Lost out in paperback next week, it’s time for some street team action! And action, of course, must be rewarded. :)

If you are already a member of the Fallen World street team, you should have received an email with your list of tasks. (If you haven’t, please let me know.) If you aren’t a member but would like to join in, sign up below and I’ll send you the task list ASAP. Readers from all around the world are welcome.

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Like last year, all street team members who participate even a little will receive a street team swag pack with a signed bookmark, bookplate, and a magnet, as well as getting their name in the thank you list on my website (unless you’d prefer not to):

Completing street team tasks will also earn you points toward this year’s big prize packs. The street team members who earn the most points will automatically win a prize pack, and one additional winner will be chosen by random draw (one entry per point earned), so everyone has a chance! What’s up for grabs?

-Signed hardcover of The Worlds We Make, with five notes (different in each copy) giving background about what’s going on in the story, info on why I made the choices I did, or other behind the scenes secrets.
-Your choice of any three from: Signed hardcover or paperback of The Way We Fall, signed hardcover or paperback of The Lives We Lost, signed hardcover or paperback of Give Up the Ghost, any novel off of Megan’s “After you read The Way We Fall” list.
-A $10 iTunes giftcard you can use to buy songs from the unofficial soundtracks, or any other music to keep you going on long journeys. (not pictured–ecard)
-A $10 Amazon gift card to support your other reading. (not pictured–ecard)
-A The Way We Fall journal and pen.
-A bottle of Fallen World hand sanitizer.
-The first chapter of Megan’s next book, the first in the Earth & Sky trilogy. (not pictured)

In addition, the three prize pack winners will get to chose two items from the following prize pile (only one of each item pictured):

-Three CD audiobooks for The Lives We Lost
-Three Fallen World T-shirts (available sizes: Small, Medium, and 2XL)
-A Fallen World water bottle
-Four foreign editions of The Way We Fall (available: Australian (English), Hungarian, Spanish x 2)

Ready to get started? Jump right in! The street team giveaway is on-going until March 18th, so you have lots of time to earn those points.

Another year ending

Along with many wonderful experiences, from seeing the second book in my first trilogy published to returning to Japan to hanging out with so many awesome writer friends on three different retreats, 2013 brought one large and rather visible change into my life…

(Taken just a few minutes ago)

And 2014 is shaping up to be the most exciting year yet. Not only is our little boy going to be joining us sometime in the next few weeks, but this will also be the first year I have not one, but two books going out into the world (the final book in the Fallen World trilogy and the first book in the Earth & Sky trilogy). So in a way I’ll have three new children. ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your year as much as I have mine, and wish you the best going into the next!