The real cover reveal!

You know that cover for The Way We Fall that’s been all over the internet, with the girl’s face and the trees and all that? It’s a nice cover. I liked it quite a lot. But to my amazement the fabulous cover people over at Hyperion have come up with something I love even more!

I am so excited to share with you, the final official cover of The Way We Fall:

There has been talk of glosses and textures and fun things like that, and I cannot wait to get to see this on the actual book! Sadly that is still four months away. But getting closer all the time… πŸ˜€


The real cover reveal! — 11 Comments

  1. Oh, LOVE. It really creates a mood and a sense of what the book’s about (based on everything I’ve read about it), and it’s got that wow factor about it that would have be reaching out to grab it off the shelf. I can’t wait for a chance to grab it.

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