Further down the coast (Nova Scotia blog #2)

Yesterday was quite a fun day, as we mostly just wandered around wherever looked interesting on our way down to our next stayover stop. The first place we came across was Ovens Natural Park, which focuses on the cliffs and ocean caves along the Atlantic coast. The waves crashing inside the caves make a distinctive booming sound, and there are all sorts of steps and walkways built into the side of the cliffs so you can peer (and sometimes even walk) inside. And it was useful for me to see, because a cliff plays an important role in THE WAY WE FALL.

A little further down the coast, we took a break at Rissers Beach:

The sun only came out for a little while, but long enough for me to get into the water for a bit. Can’t come to the ocean without going for a swim!

It was a good thing I did then, because today has been too overcast and occasionally rainy for either of us to feel like taking a dip. But we still went over to Cape Sable Island to see an actual Nova Scotia island community. And while we were there, I found a house that fit what I pictured for Kaelyn’s! (Though hers would be on a town street, with neighbors closer by.)

Tomorrow we’re setting off to catch a whale watching cruise. Wish us luck seeing a humpback whale or two!

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