Blogging from Nova Scotia!

Hurray! I have gotten this to work. (It’s been a little tricky because my laptop can’t handle certain WiFi networks, and I can’t edit photos on my iPad.)

Today we drove to Peggy’s Cove, one of the best known Nova Scotian locations. Mostly for this lighthouse, and the unique rocky landscape:

It is lovely, but at little overwhelmed with tourists. Only a few dozen people actually live in the village, and at least three times as many tourists there with us in the short period we were visiting. But it was really interesting seeing what a small fishing village on the coast looks like:

Then we zipped along to Lunenburg, which is full of gorgeous historic houses (the oldest was built in 1780). Here’s one of our favourites:

We enjoyed the varied color schemes many of the houses are painted in. This row gives a good example of what I mean:

Much brighter and more interesting than the plain old gray/brown/beige back home! 🙂

All this is giving me a much stronger sense of the town in THE WAY WE FALL. I’m still looking for a house that feels like Kaelyn’s house, though–the ones pictured above are too fancy, of course!

Off to Shelburne tomorrow–I’ll blog again later if the WiFi circumstances align.


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