Flashback: How It Started (first high school crush)

April* 1995 (Megan is 14)

It is really quite strange, the way things have happened. I never considered B as anything in particular. For some reason he was left out of my thoughts of “boyfriends?” and I never really noticed him until the LORD OF THE RINGS thing.

You see, I heard him talking to his friends about how he was reading THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Then I saw him telling my English teacher about it. This caught my interest.

Then it happened that we were in the same group for Science. I found out more about him, including that he is amazingly like me.

Now for the strange part. For one thing, I keep noticing similarities. For example, he comments on something to his friends seconds after I do to mine. We both got the exact same mark in debating–83.5%. I am bored after a test and start tapping my fingers on the desk. Minutes later, he does the same.

Another thing is that although I don’t think of him in a boyfriend kind of way–none of the nervous states or stuff like with D–I keep getting extremely jealous whenever I see him doing something I’m not included in. Even playing cards with his friends. As I have said before, I don’t understand it in the least.

*In the journal I kept for most of 1995, I didn’t date my entries, only noted when the month changed.

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