Wonder: Questioning assumptions

One of the things I wanted to do with GIVE UP THE GHOST was present a different way of looking at the “I can see ghosts” special power. In most of the books I’ve read with a character who can communicate with ghosts, the character is scared of them or sees them as a hassle, and wishes they didn’t have that ability. But it seemed to me there could actually be a lot of benefits to having a talent like that. So I wrote my ghost book with a character who likes what she can do.

(Granted, Cass didn’t always enjoy seeing and hearing ghosts, but it didn’t take too long for her to figure out there were some up-sides to it.)

So I wonder, what other supernatural “problems” might not really be so problematic? Or not-supernatural “problems”, for that matter. Is there anything you usually see presented in a negative light in books, that you think might actually be kind of cool/useful?

And on the flipside, is there anything that’s usually presented as a good thing that you think would be way more trouble than it’s worth?

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