Wonder: Ghost Stories–Bloody Mary

When I was in grade six, one of the popular stories going around was about Bloody Mary. According to a close friend who claimed to have attempted this herself, what you had to do was go into a bathroom, close the door, and turn off the light, then say “Bloody Mary” three times while looking into the mirror. She’d tried it once on her own and once with friends and both times she’d seen some sort of blurry image that had freaked her out so much that she ran right out of the bathroom shrieking.

She tried to convince me that we should give it a shot, but being somewhat more timid than her, I figured that I’d rather let this Bloody Mary person rest in peace.

Apparently this tradition of calling Blood Mary (or Mary by other names) in the mirror had been going on for quite a while: see articles at Wikipedia and Snopes.

How about you all–have any of you ever called Bloody Mary? Did you see anything?

What other ghost “games” have you played or heard of?


Wonder: Ghost Stories–Bloody Mary — 12 Comments

  1. This isn’t exactly a game, but there’s a really old theater in my town that my friends and I hang out at every summer when we’re in plays, and we all say there’s a ghost name Ezzi, or Ezmerelda, and we scare all the new kids coming in and just joke about her.

  2. lol. Plus at the theater its so much more fun because its so old, and I think it was used in the underground railroad and such. So there’s more story to it

  3. Woa I’ve never tried Bloody Mary but, I’ve read many different stories of seeing her. I will never try Bloody Mary myself because tof these stories. I also like to read the legends of Bloody Mary. One of hating her sister and running off with her engagment ring and being thrown into the fire and being in a coma and being burried alive.

  4. bloody mary’s real name is really mary worth and yes she was the queen of england along time ago. But what really happened to her is that she was killed by the people who lived in england and they buried her in boston,massachuetts. some say if u say her name 3 to 100 time or 13 she will jump out of ur mirror and kill you. If u don’t belive me just wathc the movie and u will see two girls and one of the girls parents get killed because the girls said bloody marys real name which is mary worth in the mirror three time and thought she never existed but they were wrong. if you don’t belive in bloody mary u did the wrong thing. u have to belive because she said herself. before she died she look into the mirror and said ” whoever says her name as a joke will die.” Well that is all i know and if u wanna know more always go on this website and see my comments. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am watching u.

  5. i believe in bloody mary but ive never said her name in a mirror im chicken i know but who wants to be trapped in a mirror for eteritity not me! well anyways i luv reading stories about her sooo much they really fasinate me so if u can send me some my email address is cheerluver1001 @ yahoo.com so yep

  6. I almost did bloody mary at a slumber party but chickened out at the last minute some of my friends did it and ran out screaming but i don’t know weather to believe them or not i just wanted to know if anyone had actully done it and lived to tell the tale.

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