The Earth & Sky online launch party begins!

Earth & Sky is finally out in the world, and I’m eager to celebrate! So let’s get this party started. 🙂

Available in stores and online at:
Amazon ~ Chapters/Indigo ~ B&N ~ Powells ~ BookDepository (international)

All day you can post questions or share your thoughts by commenting on this blog post, on the Facebook event page, or by tweeting them to @megancrewe. Remember, if you’ve already read the book and are asking or talking about an event from the story, please mark your comment with a SPOILER note so others who haven’t read yet can skip over it.

I will also be posting a few questions here and on the FB wall which you can answer to win swag or books, so check back regularly!

Watch my reading from Earth & Sky:

Request a signed bookplate and bookmark to put in your copy of Earth & Sky over at the signing table.

Join the launch party live chat from 8-9pm EST, during which I’ll be giving out a couple more prizes. Link and password to be posted here shortly beforehand!

Enter to win the launch party prize pack, including a Kindle and three books of your choice. See the Rafflecopter form below–and note that there are now three new options that you can take advantage of to earn extra entries: commenting on this post, commenting on the FB event page wall, and posting a review on (for those who’ve read the book)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(books not shown in prize photo}

All giveaways and the bookplates are open to readers all around the world.


The Earth & Sky online launch party begins! — 20 Comments

    • The answer to that depends somewhat on what you’d consider the start and end of “writing”. 🙂 The initial idea started coming together around the summer of 2011. I did some research and outlining and wrote a couple chapters that fall, but got diverted by Fallen World trilogy stuff. I came back to the book in the spring of 2012 and finished the first full draft then, in a couple of months. Then I did revisions and had critique partners look at the book and did more revisions across the next several months. The version of the book that I worked on with my editors, I finished in the winter of 2013.

      So if you count from initial idea through to the draft that sold, we’re talking close to two years. If we’re just talking the actual full drafting + revisions, about ten months–a couple months per draft with gaps in between.

  1. First giveaway question, for the early birds! (Answer by 11am EST to win your choice of one of my books.)

    What are you most interested in about EARTH & SKY?

  2. Oh, so happy this is being released, can’t wait to read! The cover for Earth & Sky is beautiful, did you design this yourself?

    • I’m glad you like the cover–I love it too! I don’t have the design skills to pull off something quite that awesome. The credit must go to the wonderful designer who worked with Skyscape, Krista Vossen. (And I am told she will also be working on book 2’s cover–yay!)

  3. Wow.Simply wow. No words for it. I have been rendered speech less.
    I’ve already told my friends about this book and 3 of them came and told me my choice is excellent !

    I am amazed at the way you write these books and the way they completely engross you .
    I’ll not lie,but it was hard to keep track of time when I was reading it.

    I hope you wont mind two questions ?

    Who is your inspiration? And when did you decide to write a book ? Was it sudden or did you have it in your mind from long ago ?

    Oh and count me in the giveaway. Really want to win. The kindle with the custom cover would be an awesome memorabilia for me ,and I broke my old kindle ……so…..:)

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