On timelines and word counts

To give you some idea of what my schedule is like for the Earth & Sky trilogy with its every-six-months release dates: I just finished writing the second draft of book three. I’ll be turning the end of the trilogy in to my editors for their feedback before the beginning is even out in stores. Whee!

But I won’t be turning it in right away. See, I have this tendency with drafts to underwrite the first draft (to just get it all down as quickly as possible because urgh I hate rough drafting) and then overwrite a little on the second draft to compensate for all the elements I should have expanded on before. But in this particular case, the word “little” would be somewhat inaccurate. In that I have gone 30K past the first draft’s word count. Which I suspect is a little too much, heh.

I foresee some time at the chopping block in my near future.

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