Planning the online launch party

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be able to hold an online launch party for The Worlds We Make on its release date, February 11th. To make sure it’s as enjoyable as possible for you all, I’d like to know what would work best for you! So if you want to join in, please take a moment to vote in the polls below.

In the evening of Feb 11th, I’ll devote an hour to chatting with readers about the trilogy, answering any questions you have, and offering a bunch of signed copies of the books in giveaways. What I’d like to know is what time is best for you, and where you’d most like the chat to take place. I’ll try to accommodate as many people as possible! And if you have ideas I haven’t mentioned, just let me know. 🙂


Looking forward to hanging out with you all (virtually) next Tuesday!


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