Just a friendly street team reminder… :)

To my great delight, the Fallen World trilogy has picked up new fans this year. So I wanted to give you all a heads up, in case you hadn’t come across this earlier, about the Fallen World Street Team. My street teamers carried out various activities to spread the word about the books around the release of The Lives We Lost, and in doing so earned street team packs and a chance at a big prize pack including signed books, swag, gift cards, etc.

We’re going to be doing it again for the release of The Worlds We Make, and newcomers are welcome to join in! Even a little participation earns you a Fallen World swag pack. You can read more about the street team here, and sign up by entering your email there or below:

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Important Note for new and existing street team members: Some email providers (e.g., Gmail) have started sorting mailing list emails into a separate folder that you may not see. If you’re an existing street team member and think you may be missing the emails (you should have gotten one in September and one in October), or if you’re a new member and you want to make sure you don’t miss any, adding the address fallenworldstreetteam@megancrewe.com to your contacts list should help.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or e-mail me. Hope to see a few new names when we get started up again!

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