Hear the words from the author’s mouth

Toronto area folks! Next Wednesday I’m going to be participating in the Chiaroscuro Reading Series. Stop by to hear me read from the Fallen World trilogy (possibly including a sneak peak from book 3!), as well as Michael Kelly and Amanda Leduc. It’s from 8pm-11pm, August 14th, at The Augusta House, 152A Augusta Ave, 2nd floor.

For more details, and if you’d like to RSVP, check out the Facebook event page.


Hear the words from the author’s mouth — 2 Comments

  1. hi miss crewe i am a big fan the first book of yours that i red was THE WAY WE FALL. it was absolutely flawless .i too some day eish to wroite books just as amazing as yours and be as good at it aswell i just love the type of books you write. i would love it if you could reply it would meen so much to me to get tips in how to right a book. stay amazing
    yours sincerely lenae smith

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed THE WAY WE FALL! Thank you so much for the glowing compliments. 🙂

      If you’re interested in writing yourself, I have a list of all the posts with writing advice I’ve made over the last several years here, which you might find useful.

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