Things writers get excited about, a.k.a., my new desk

It is a truth universally acknowledged that writers get excited about different sorts of things than other people: imaginary folks who start talking to them in the middle of the night, pens, a chance to go to some exotic or peaceful retreat where they will spend the majority of the time working away on their computers. What am I excited about this week? I finally got myself a proper writing desk!

Up until now, my only desk has been my small computer desk, which if you’ve watched my office tour video you know generally has no available free space whatsoever. So when I’m doing line edits on paper (which I do for every major draft of every book) or going over copyedits or page proofs (which arrive printed out) or just brainstorming ideas away from the computer, I often find myself awkwardly sitting on the bed or the couch or my writing chair with one of our little folding tables set up. Finally I decided it was worth the hassle of tracking down a desk that did everything I needed. It had to take up not too much space, because my office isn’t terribly big, so a secretary style with a drop down writing surface worked perfectly. I wanted lots of storage, to make as good use of the space it’d take up as possible. Plus, I like lots of compartments on my furniture the same way I like lots of pockets in my purses, so a set up like this makes me incredibly pleased:

(There are even two secret compartments!)

And I also figured that if it was time for me to get a proper desk, it was also time for me to have a proper way of displaying my own books, which until now have been tucked away in a cupboard since my bookshelves are already overflowing with all the books by other people I love or am planning to read. So my writing desk now holds a collection of the various editions of my three published books. Here’s hoping some day I’ll fill all three shelves with them!

Share: have you made any recent purchases that you’re excited about? 🙂


Things writers get excited about, a.k.a., my new desk — 2 Comments

  1. A secretary desk! Love it. We had one in our house growing up. My mother always said the 13 panels in the window were for the 13 colonies. No idea if that’s true.

    (I am excited for the cat perch I bought to keep my cat off my desk. 🙂 )

    • I had no idea the number of panels might be significant! Very cool if that’s the case.

      And finding a way to keep cats off one’s desk is definitely exciting. 😀 Does this cat perch actually work?

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