The Way We Fall in paperback

Yes, The Way We Fall is out in paperback today! If you’ve been meaning to pick the book up but never got around to before, now is the perfect time. You can be all caught up on the story in time for book 2 next week. 🙂

Even if you’ve already read The Way We Fall in hardcover, I can think of a few reasons it may be worth grabbing the paperback too…

1. You can get a copy with the beautiful updated cover, one that will match The Lives We Lost.

2. The paperback edition includes the first chapter of The Lives We Lost, for those who can’t wait one more week to find out what happens when a certain person returns to the island.

3. Buying the paperback in a store shows an interest in the series, which means that store is more likely to stock copies of The Lives We Lost and book 3 for you.

4. Buying the paperback anywhere gives you entries in the Fallen World Street Team Giveaway, if you’re a member of the street team.

5. I don’t actually have a reason 5, it just feels like a more round number than 4!

Whether you pick up the paperback or not, in honor of its release, I will answer any and all questions you might have about The Way We Fall in the comments (as long as the answer isn’t too spoilery for the rest of the series)! Wondered why a character acted the way they did? Why a particular event came to pass? Why I made a specific choice in telling the story? Ask away!

Also feel free to bring up topics you’d like to discuss with other fans of the book.


The Way We Fall in paperback — 4 Comments

  1. Hi, I hope I’m not too late! I was wondering why you wrote the book like a diary? It was cool but not many writers do that.

    • Hi Cameron! You’re definitely not too late. 🙂

      I gave a lot of thought to the format for THE WAY WE FALL, because I know some readers just aren’t into journal format in general. But no matter how I tried, I just couldn’t imagine the story I wanted to tell working in regular first person narration. The slow day-by-day unfolding of the catastrophe was an effect I really wanted to capture.

  2. Okay, the one thing I didn’t get is why Gav and his friends were doing the whole thing with getting food to people, and the adults on the island didn’t seem to be doing anything. Where were all the adults?

    • Oh, the adults were helping too! The trouble is that most of the people on the island were either sick or afraid of getting sick around the time food started to be a concern. And I thought it was more likely for teenagers to be willing to break the law and try to do something that wasn’t totally by the book before the adults necessarily got to that point. As you see later in the book, many of the still-healthy adults are helping out at the hospital and looking after the orphaned kids and so on.

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