Paperback delay

Those of you who’ve been waiting for the paperback of The Way We Fall may have noticed that the release date started sliding around the beginning of this month. It was originally supposed to be out this past Tuesday. Unfortunately, there was an error in the original printing, so Hyperion has had to do a new run to make sure the books look the way they’re supposed to, which has set everything back a few weeks. The new release date is February 5th, which still gives you a week to read before book 2 is out! Or just a week to look at this lovely cover, if you’ve already read it…


To celebrate the paperback release, I’ll be having an open discussion in which you can ask every and any question you might have about the book — and I’ll try to answer all of them as thoroughly as I can (without spoilers for the rest of the trilogy). So if you were wondering why I made a certain choice with the story or why a certain character did what they did, stop by this blog on Feb 5th and we’ll chat about it!

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