The Way We Fall in Slovakia!

Courtesy of GoodReads, I’ve discovered The Way We Fall‘s Slovak cover and title!

They’ve used the same basic design as the N. American cover, but a slightly different background photo. Very interesting!

Anyone know what the title, Tak padne náš svet, means? Google Translate is telling me “This fits our world,” but that doesn’t sound quite right. I’m guessing it’s a phrase that doesn’t translate completely literally.

I’m also curious about the way my last name appears to have more letters than it normally would.

Any readers in Slovakia who pass by this way, take note: Also according to GoodReads, the Slovak edition will be out April 3rd. Less than a month away!


The Way We Fall in Slovakia! — 6 Comments

  1. hello megan, the literal translation of the slovak title is “this is the way our world will fall” or “so our world will fall”. about the -ová at the end of your name, well, as you know, all Slovak women family names end in that and there are basically two (quite obviously) tendencies in translating foreign family names into Slovak: I) to add the local -ová) or II) not to add it. well, to me personally, the latter is much better and much more natural but seems like the people at the Slovak publishing house decided for the former (which is definitely much more perverted also in terms of gender marking and stuff).
    and by the way, i have translated the way we fall in czech. good job you have done! the book should be published in the czech republic any time now. i’m quite curious about the final title the publishing house has chosen for the czech version…
    good luck!

    • Thank you for the title translation and the name explanation! And so cool that you translated the book for the Czech Republic! I haven’t talked to any of my translators before. 🙂

  2. oh, i’ve just now found out that this is actually all about the czech version (the one i’ve translated)! it is not a slovak one as you were suggesting in the title of the post. so now i know what title the publishing house has chosen… well. there it goes. (the -ová thing is, however, the same in our country and in Slovakia)

    • Hmmm, that’s odd, because GoodReads lists the language for this version as being Slovak, and it’s showing up on Slovak websites (e.g., here). Maybe both versions are using the same title and cover? I know it’s the same publisher that bought both Slovak and Czech rights.

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