The music of The Way We Fall – “Mystery Lights”

Song number five on The Way We Fall‘s unofficial soundtrack is “Mystery Lights” by Uh Huh Her:

As I mentioned with the last song, I’ve organized the soundtrack in somewhat chronological order. To me, this song reflects Kaelyn and the islanders’ growing fear as they realize just how serious the epidemic is, even if those on the mainland seem to be treating it like just another flu. As the lyrics say, “I’ve seen the signs, seen the writings on the wall… What they don’t know will kill them… Can you hear us, go fast/Send out a warning.” It also gives a general sense of the desperation that gradually infects the island along with the virus: “No one will answer… Will you lead us in the right direction?/We could be saved by you… You’ve come to late, there’s nothing left.”

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