Weekly link round-up – Feb 19, 2012

The best of what I shared on Twitter and Tumblr this week…

-An article explaining why so very many of us were not okay with Chris Brown being invited back to the Grammys.

-YA author Arthur Slade shares the results of his first year of publishing ebooks.

-The first scene of the very funny A Very Potter Musical, for those Harry Potter fans who’ve somehow managed to miss it.

Portraits of famous literary characters, created using law enforcement composite sketch software.

-Two thought-provoking posts on the presence of girls and women in film: Feminist Frequency on the failure of most of this year’s best picture Oscar nominees to pass the Bechdel test (video and transcript), and author Shannon Hale on the scarcity of female characters in recent (American) animated movies.

-And to end things on a light note, zombie attack wedding cake!

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