Weekly link round-up

I’ve been sharing a lot of posts, articles, etc. that I find interesting, fun, and/or important on Twitter and Tumblr recently, so I figured it’d be worth starting a weekly link round-up for the blog readers who don’t follow me those places or who missed them! The best of this week:

-Diana Peterfreund on the tendency of the internet to get outraged by the bad but not support the good.

-A BBC documentary tracks down and confronts internet trolls (article includes a video clip).

Lord of the Rings Lego collection revealed.

-A whole bunch of excellent authors explain why freedom of speech is important.

-Various re-imaginings of the Batman movies if done by famous directors. The ones I’d most want to see: Wes Anderson and Ang Lee.

-Hilariously cute video in which Kristen Bell freaks out (excitedly) over a sloth.

-An examination of the focus on “manpain” in popular media, and why it’s problematic, including a fanvid as a powerful illustration.

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