The music of Give Up the Ghost: “Into the Dark”

Posting this today instead of the usual Friday for reasons I will explain in another post tomorrow. 🙂

One week from the paperback release of Give Up the Ghost! And here is the last song from the unofficial soundtrack for the book, The Juliana Theory’s “Into the Dark”:

I think this is the perfect song for the end of the book. Many of the lyrics in the verses could easily describe Tim’s situation and feelings as he teeters on the edge, and the fact that they’re addressed to “Dad” and “Mom” (the main sources of Tim’s pain) makes it even more fitting. You could see the chorus as Cass calling Tim out of the darkness of his depression, and offering her help, tentatively–not sure how he’ll react, but knowing she has to do something (“I’d give you my hand if you’d reach out and grab it”). And despite all the sadness in the song, it has a note of hope that I really like–yes, things look dark, but together we can walk away toward something better.

You can hear all of the songs on Ghost‘s unofficial soundtrack and find links to their lyrics over here.

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