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I’ve been watching the news on Japan somewhat obsessively over the last week. In theory, I’m supposed to be heading over there for a book research trip in three weeks. In reality, well, I am waiting and seeing, and hoping more for the locals’ sake than my own that the situation starts improving soon, as I’m sure many of you are too.

Want to help? Here’s a list of sites where you can donate directly, by country. You can also contribute while potentially winning some rather awesome prizes by bidding on the many book and writing related prizes at Authors for Japan.

The most useful news sites I’ve found are The Lede via The New York Times and the NPR’s coverage (including live blogs), both of which are updated frequently with the latest bits of news, though not always the same news, which is why I’ve been watching both. The Lede also has a live stream from a Japanese news source, with English translation.

For anyone over there, or with friends or family in the country, may you and they stay safe.


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