Things I like: Scott Pilgrim (+ giveaway)

Seems appropriate to be talking about this now, since I was just picking band names and the pic I used for the mini contest was this one:

Which, you may or may not know, comes from a most excellent movie about a guy who happens to be in a band (among other things), that came out last summer:

Why would I call Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World a most excellent movie? Well, it’s the story of a guy who meets the girl of his dreams, only to discover he must fight and defeat her seven evil exes before he can be allowed to date her. How awesome is that? As you might expect, it’s a whole lot of fun, with frequent laughs provoked by unexpected visual tricks and turns of phrase. (You’ll probably appreciate the style and humor the most if you grew up with games like Mario and Zelda, but you don’t have to be a huge video game fan–I am only a dabbler, and I loved it.) And on top of that, there’s a lovely emotional story underneath the quirkiness and the humor. Michael Cera really acts, and his character (who’s a something of a putz at the beginning) grows leaps and bounds. Pretty much all the other performances are note perfect too.

I also love that it’s filmed in Toronto, and set in Toronto, unabashedly. (I have ridden those buses! I have shopped in that CD store!)

Sadly, it seems many people did not go out and see this most excellent movie. I intend to meet this problem head on, by offering up a copy of the DVD!

(If you already own the DVD or would prefer to read the source material, the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, first, I will happily offer up a copy of the first Scott Pilgrim book instead. I haven’t read it myself–graphic format is the one story-telling format that doesn’t seem to work for me–but my SO is very fond of them.)

Anyone in North America can enter to win the DVD or the book (state your preference in your comment). If you’re outside North America, there may be technical issues, so you may only enter to win the book. Either way, just comment on this entry with your e-mail address for a chance to win!

People who have commented on my blog in the last month will receive an additional entry if they enter here. The giveaway is open until noon EST on Monday January 24th.

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Things I like: Scott Pilgrim (+ giveaway) — 5 Comments

  1. Ooo, I was upset with myself for not going to see this movie, so I’ll happily toss my name in the e-hat for a chance at the DVD! (I put my email addy in the form).

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