Looking back, looking forward

Whew, 2010 was quite a year! This is what I hoped to accomplish by the end:

-Finish at least one more novel. Yep! Finished and polished one, and wrote the rough draft of another.
-Do at least one event for the paperback of GHOST (assuming there is a paperback; I haven’t gotten confirmation on this). Couldn’t, because it turned out the paperback isn’t coming out until 2011, but I did do a few more events for GHOST in hardcover, including my first two guest appearances at conferences.
-Furnish and decorate at least one room of the new house so it looks “finished” (budget restricts us from doing the whole thing at once). Ha ha. Well, we moved in, we bought the new sofa and armchair we needed, and then circumstances got away from us and we had to focus on other priorities. Getting back to this in 2011.
-Attend kung fu class at least once a week unless impossible, and earn my blue sash. Graded and earned my blue sash in June! Fell off the once-a-week attendance a bit in the last few months, but I was working out at home to suppliment.
-Top secret goal writing-related I cannot share on this blog. Yes yes yes! But I still can’t tell you what it was.

My goals for 2011:

-Write and polish the sequel to THE WAY WE FALL. (I’d better get this done or my editor will not be happy. 😉 )
-Write second drafts for and polish the two books waiting in rough draft (BEAST and the Japan book).
-I wouldn’t mind getting a new book started in rough draft but this may be asking too much.
-Attend at least one writing conference.
-Do at least one event for GHOST in paperback.
-Start attending kung fu class at least *twice* a week when possible.
-Keep the backyard and garden a little more tidy than they were last year (which is to say, not a complete disaster).
-Start blogging more regularly again!

Hope you all are happy with your 2010, and wishing you a joyful and productive year to come!


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