Reader Question: Cover expectations

Is the cover of Give up the Ghost how you envisioned it?

I didn’t have a specific image in mind for the cover, because I knew that I couldn’t count on my publisher taking my ideas at all, so setting my mind on something would probably only lead to being disappointed even if the cover I got was great. I did, however, send along a few different concept ideas as well as some existing covers that I liked the style of. One of the ideas I suggested was having a ghost whispering in a girl’s ear. So I was excited when I first opened up the cover file and saw that they’d used it! When I came up with the idea I’d imagined it as a close up, but it think it works better when you can see more of Cass and the ghost. And I love the colors and the ghostly effect on the title text, so all in all I was very happy. 🙂

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