Reader Questions: Perfume and Cartoons

A couple of quick questions together!

In GIVE UP THE GHOST, what is Paige’s favourite perfume?

Well, I know it smells something like her ghostly scent: sweet and fruity with a bit of spice. But I don’t know much about perfumes, so I didn’t have a specific one in mind when I made that up! I can’t see Paige wanting to spend a ton of money on perfume, though, so whatever it is, it’d probably be either a non-designer brand or a designer rip-off.

What was you favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

I loved ThunderCats! I’ve always loved cats, and the idea of being some sort of human-cat hybrid seemed amazing at the time. My friends and I liked to pretend to be our favorite ThunderCats and had many adventures as such.

I was also quite fond of She-Ra and My Little Pony. 🙂

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