3 Books, 3 Winners, 1 March Giveaway!

As promised, here’s your March giveaway! Up for grabs, the three books pictured below:


Entering is simple: just ask me a question you’d like me to answer on this blog. About writing, publishing, me–anything you like. Just keep in mind…

Your question should be unique, so specific questions are better than general ones, and you should check the already posted questions before entering.

You may enter more than once–you can ask one question for each day the giveaway is open!

-Questions that are too personal or relate to confidential information will be discarded; please use your discretion.

-If you have a preference of which book(s) you’d like to win, please note it in your entry.

Open now until the night of March 9th, to anyone in the world. I will pick the three winners at random on the 10th. Please include your e-mail address so I can contact you!

Happy questioning! 🙂


3 Books, 3 Winners, 1 March Giveaway! — 30 Comments

  1. Hi Megan! Here’s today’s question from me: If you’re book, Give Up The Ghost, was being made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters? (I love hearing authors’ answers to this!)

  2. Do you believe in ghost (I guess the anser is yes!) and have you ever seen or felt the presence of a ghost? If yes, please tell! and if no, would you like to?


  3. You can live in any other city for a year, what city and why?

    I would love Hourglass.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  4. When you first started your blog, how did you get the word out so people other than your friends would know about it and read it? Thanks.

    I’d love Hourglass.

  5. Okay, you’re task is to create your dream date. Where in the world are you? Who are you there with? What year is it? What are you doing?
    Looking forward to your answer!

    Oh, and if I’ll win I would love a copy of Hourglass!

  6. Megan I would kill for Conspiracy of Kings- So who would you like me to kill?

    Just kidding, maybe.

    Ok a good question – have you ever had a paranormal experience that scared you badly?
    As you were writing about ghosts, did you ever have a shiver of awareness of the spirit world?
    If you were at a seance and could channel the ghost of anyone, who would it be and what would you ask them?

  7. There’s trouble brewing on this blog! Like Ello, I, too, would kill for a copy of Conspiracy of Kings–but I wouldn’t kill Ello.

    What I want to know more about is the editorial process you went through with GHOST–how long was your editorial letter, how many of them did you get, how big were the changes, how many drafts did your editor read.

  8. What historical event would you love to witness, knowing you cant change anything just watch?

    -Choice is still Hourglass.

  9. When was the first time you’ve had a paranormal experience and couldn’t sleep at all?

    My choice is Scarlett Fever. =)

  10. If you could have a night out on the town with any fictional character (whether they be from your own book or another) who would it be and why? Or what would you want to go do with them?

    Great giveaway! I would love to read all of those books, so I don’t have any preference 🙂

    Thanks! (If this isn’t international, then don’t count my entry!)

  11. If you could be the star of a movie of a YA book (any YA book published in… say, the last five years), which book would you choose to be made in a movie, and which character would you play?

  12. In your experience (and from the people you know), how much work goes into into a manuscript after you’ve signed with an agent and before the work is ready to submit to publishers? And what is that process like?

  13. What is your favorite book to movie or book to TV show adaptation? Would you like to see this happen to your books?

  14. 1. Whenever I get an idea and trying to write it, my thoughts/plot goes all over the place. When I start writing it out, I find myself veering off into a whole different direction than I intended to. What can one do in this scenario?

    2. Are there any exercises you do to help you get better at writing or get more into it?

    3. When an idea strikes you, what do you do with it? Write it down in detail or as it jumps out at you? Or do you make an outline of it? Etc?

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