Flashback: Thoughts on Love

December 29, 1995 (Megan is 15)

We watched a movie called THE MAN IN THE MOON tonight. In it, this girl falls in love with a guy who’s 17 (she’s 14) but he and her sister fall in love later (when they meet). [My cousin] and [my other cousin] and X were saying that they hated the older sister, but I don’t see why. Just because she (the younger sister) liked the guy first didn’t mean he belonged to her. And although he did start to like her, it was more as a friend.

How can you say one love is more important than another? The only reason it is right that the older sister and the guy got together is that they both loved each other, whereas it was one-sided, or would have been, with the younger sister. It wouldn’t be fair to the two to give up happiness because her feelings would be hurt, and her feelings would have been hurt anyway, ’cause he didn’t like her in that way any more.

The one thing that is really important to think of is that nobody chooses for someone to love them. You can’t blame a person because the one you love loves them and not you. And you can’t blame the one either. That’s the thing with love–you can’t control it, define it, or restrain it. You can blame it, but it won’t do anyone a lot of good. That’s just the way it is.

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  1. Oh my god, I loved that movie. So sad. I was talking recently with someone about it, and mentioned the ending (won’t spoil it) and they couldn’t believe that the film had actually existed.

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