Flashback: Writing YA

October 14, 1996 (Megan is 15)

I wonder if I will continue to write for teens after I am no longer one myself. One of the main reasons I don’t write from an adult’s perspective is that for the most part I can’t, as I’ve never been an adult so how can I know how they think? And when I’m an adult, will I remember how I thought as a teenager? I guess this and my journal will help, because I hope I am writing these thoughts accurately. But how much can you learn from written word?

I can write from a guy’s perspective only by reading several books written by guys, from a guy’s point of view. But despite all of the books I’ve read from an adult’s point of view, the moment I stuck a foot in that direction, I’d trip and fall flat on my face. I guess age is a lot harder to change than gender thinking, and probably my guy characters aren’t wonderful anyway.

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