Flashback: Speculations on the Nature of Boys and Liking

March 19, 1997 (Megan is 16)

For some reason, we (girls) seem to have the need to find a guy to like at all times. We’ll just stick onto the most compatible guy in our current environment, even if we like someone else who’s gone for a while. I don’t know why this is; perhaps we feel we have to love something; it’s like an outlet for emotional energy. Guys, who tend to get rid of emotional energy in physical ways–sports, harassing each other, etc.–don’t seem to have this problem. Or perhaps they do, but we just don’t know about it.

Because of all that stated above, I believe that if you’ve liked a guy once, you can again. After all, unless he’s had a personality transplant or a lobotomy, he’ll still possess the qualities which made him compatible to you. But he’ll probably also still have whatever qualities caused the relationship not to work out. Therefore one should steer clear of previous likes–unless it was not he that made the relationship fall apart.

This rule especially stands if you don’t like anyone else at the moment. At the beginning of this school year, I almost started liking B again, but I caught myself just in time. Now I just avoid him as much as possible. Thankfully, he’s the only past like who still goes to Riverdale. It was the worst when D was there–it’s hard to expand one’s personality when someone keeps reminding you of how pathetic you were.

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