Japan Plans

If all goes well, I’ll be visiting Japan next spring. I’ve just started planning out the trip (so I can be ready if tickets go on sale 🙂 ). There are a few places I know I have to see, because the trip is partly for book research, but it’s also for fun. This is where you all come in!

Visited or lived in Japan? Know someone who has? Let me know the things I should be sure not to miss. I love cities and forests, modern stuff and history, food of all sorts, performing arts… And I’m always open to checking out things I don’t know whether I’ll enjoy!

If you happen to know particularly good places to stay, or other tips (especially for saving money), those are much appreciated, too.


Japan Plans — 2 Comments

  1. Mr Lush and I went to Japan in February. We were mostly in Tokyo and Kyoto, with a few day trips. It was fantastic and lovely, and we want to go again soon!

    So I don’t have any specific recommendations, other than to have fun, take lots of pictures, and see (and eat!) as much as you possibly can!

  2. I visited Japan last summer on a class trip for a Buddhism class. We were mostly in the Kyoto and Osaka area. If you get a chance to visit Kyoto definately check out some of the temples and shrines there.

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