Flashback: Mixed Signals

December 16, 1993 (Megan is 12)

There was a dance last Friday. I didn’t dance with anyone. X danced with some guy. She swore to God that D had been looking at me but I’m not sure I believe her.

On Wednesday I found out that D is going out with Y. That night was the junior concert. We sang “Masquerade” and “Amigos Pera Siempre.” D said hi to me in this whiny voice that I hate. He said hi to Z the same way. I don’t take it as a complement.

T told me she thinks he likes me but I don’t know. I mean there’s the fact that he’s only talked to me when no one can really hear him and that my friends and I have seen him looking at me and then there’s the whiny voice and Y and [another girlfriend] and all the girls he dances with and all the times he’s looking at someone else.

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