Wonder: Ghost Stories – Ouija Boards

When I was about 15, I bought myself a Ouija board. It wasn’t one of those nice, old-fashioned ones, but at least it was wood, and I figured it was good enough.

One evening I took it over to my best friend’s house. I was sleeping over, and the two of us were alone in the house. We turned off most of the lights and sat across from each other over the board, and waited for the ghosts to come. When the planchette started moving, we asked tons of questions–about who the speaker was and their life, and about things in our lives (mostly about boys).

The scariest moment was when the lamp that had been lighting the living room abruptly turned off. I think we both jumped about a foot in the air. Then my friend remembered that the lamps were on an automatic system to turn on and off (for when her family wasn’t home, to discourage burglers by making them think someone was home), and it wasn’t so scary any more.

Nothing the “ghosts” told us that night actually came true. And I wasn’t entirely surprised. After I got home the next day, I got out the Ouija board and tested the planchette. And I discovered that I could very easily move it without feeling like I was moving it. I knew I was directing it, but the sensation was as if my hand was being pulled. (This presumably is because of how smooth the board and the bottom of the planchette are.) So I’m sure neither of us cheated that night, but I’m equally sure we were in fact the ones moving the planchette.

How about you–got a Ouija board story to share?


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  1. I remember when I was younger (pfffff), I played ouija with some school friends in the house of one of them, first we started playing with two pencil together and asking “yes” or “not” if they moved in one or other direction was suposed to be the answer, but after that one of my friends got out a “virtual ouija” from his PC, she said It really worked, I asked a couple of questions and was amazed that the bs really answered the “correct” stuff, I’m almost sure that was programed as the virtual ouijas that you can find on the internet, but I don’t know how they would do it thoug. Anyway, I didn’t wanted to keep playing anymore…

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