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Short Stories

These days I'm completely focused on my novels, but I used to write a short story now and then. Here are the easiest ones to track down. Over time, I will also be making them available here on the website.

Bash Down the Door Anthology

"The Great Thrakkian Rebellion" (Humorous fantasy)

in Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy, Fantasist Enterprises, 2007 (anthology)

Review at Tangent Online: "An entertaining slant on the modern labor dispute... I like this unusual view from the trenches..."

Thou Shalt Not… Anthology

"Frozen" (Science fiction)

in Thou Shalt Not..., Dark Cloud Press, 2006

Read it free!

Read it free!

"The Alien and the Tree" (Science fiction)

in Son and Foe #1, November 2005

Review at Tangent Online: "a charming love story..."

Brutarian Quarterly Magazine

"Horns" (Urban fantasy)

in Brutarian Quarterly #44, Summer 2005

Review at Tangent Online: "What's truly masterful about Crewe's prose is the way her imagery underscores her story."

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On Spec Magazine

"Seven Years" (Science fiction)

in On Spec #56, Spring 2004

Review at SF Crowsnest: "manages with remarkable economy to outdo the other works... poignant to the point of heartbreak."

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