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Behind the Scenes


The inspiration for the Fallen World trilogy, as with all of my books, came from a variety of sources.

If you're curious about other books that helped inspire the story, and how they did, check out this series of blog posts:

The Stand
The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Doomsday Book
Life As We Knew It
The Plague

To see how I imagined the main characters look, I posted some photos here:

Picturing The Way We Fall's Characters

If you'd like to know more about my research on viruses, and why I designed the virus in the novel the way I did, I discuss that here:

Creating a Killer Virus

The Setting

When the Fallen World trilogy sold, I took a trip to Nova Scotia (where The Way We Fall is set) to make sure I was capturing the environment and atmosphere accurately. Kaelyn's island home is made-up—I didn't want to inflict even a fictitious deadly epidemic on an actual community, and it allowed me more flexibility in how I set up the town—but I hoped to make it feel like a real Maritime community. Here are some of the sights I drew on when I was revising the book after the trip:

NS Beach
A beach like the one Kaelyn, Mackenzie, and Rachel walk on at the start of The Way We Fall.

NS Cliff
Cliffs overlooking the ocean, like the one Kaelyn likes to climb to.

NS House
I figured Kaelyn's house might look something like this.

NS Harbor
A harbor in a small Nova Scotia town.

NS Ferry
A ferry that travels from the Nova Scotia mainland to an island (the one for Kaelyn's island would be a little smaller).

NS Storage
Storage buildings by a harbor, like the one Gav initially uses to store the extra food.

NS hospital
Hospital on the outskirts of another small Nova Scotia town.

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