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Reader Secrets

The sort of cruelties and crimes that Cass exposes and experiences in Give Up the Ghost happen in real life all the time. Below, readers share their secret stories (anonymously) about junior high and high school misbehaviors.

If you are currently a victim of bullying, please seek help. has an excellent article on dealing with bullying. Parents and teachers concerned about bullying may want to read this article from the Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System.

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I was in the tenth grade and I’d just slipped a note to my best friend (Patty), but I was caught by Mr. Z. Instead of ripping the note up or just reading it aloud to the entire class to embarrass me, I was kept in during my lunch period as punishment. I was told to clean the board for his next class. As I was cleaning the board, Mr. Z made a not-so-subtle pass at me. Shocked and REALLY pissed, I ran from the class and didn’t tell a soul. About a month later, my best-friend came to me and told me that she would be transferring out of Mr. Z’s class. When I asked her why, she tearfully told me that Mr. Z had asked her if she’d ever consider having sex with an older man. She begged me not to tell anyone and I kept my promise.

The next day, in Mr. Z’s class I scripted the perfect note and passed it at the perfect time – right as Mr. Z was walking by. Needless to say, he snatched the note from my hand and opened it. Long story short: Two friends get two As in Mr. Z’s class; watching the blood drain from Mr. Z’s face as he read: I know what you asked Patty! And she knows what you did to me! Priceless!

For the audience’s peace of mind: Mr. Z stopped teaching a year after that incident because of a fraudulent teacher’s license - at least that was the rumor.


When I was fifteen I had a best friend.  We've been best friends since we were like 12.  I was the well liked and popular one and she was the quiet shadow.  That year, we went to a social event at a nearby boy's school.  There we both spotted this really cute guy that we instantly had a crush on.  This boy and I were assigned to the same team and I thought to put my moves on him.  The boy however had his eye on my friend.  At the end of the day, he gave me a note to pass to my friend.  Naturally since I always had the attention, I was upset that the first boy I had a crush on wanted to get to know her.  I smiled at him and told him that I would pass the note and then secretly threw it away.  I am not proud of what I did and to this day, I never told anyone about this.


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When I was in the sixth grade, I was bullied, I think. Me and my best friend at that time had a mutual friend and I think she had something against me, she told my best friend that I was backstabbing her, although it was not true, I tried tell my best friend the truth but she never believed me. My best friend was kind of popular so she told everybody about what happened and people started bullying me, calling me names such as SARS (SARS was at its peak at the time) and a lot of them are not talking to me, talking behind my back and all those "bully" stuffs. For months, I dreaded going to school and I feel like everything's over, but eventually I got over it, I realized that if a friend was willing to drop you just like that then she's not really worth it. After a few months, I think people got tired of bullying me and teasing me, until one day, my best friend befriended me again, but our friendship was never the same again, we were not friends, just mere acquaintances.
Until now I still remember those days, and although it makes me feel really bad until now, I think it was a blessing in disguise, it made me realize who my friends really were. :)



I'll admit that I was a goody two shoes in school.  I got straight A's, I didn't get into trouble, and I was a bit of a teacher's pet.  I'm saying this not to brag, but so you can understand how big of a deal it was that I did this.  When I was in seventh grade, I got an F on my progress report in Band because I hadn't practiced my instrument for about a month.  Our teacher gave us a printout to take home and get signed by our parents.  I was so mortified that I had gotten an F, and because I knew my parents would be upset by this news, I resolved to not take the printout home.  So I forged my mother's signature on the paper and turned it back in.  I was scared still for almost a year that I would get caught, and I felt really bad about it afterwards.  The best thing is that when I finally worked up the courage to tell my mother (three years later) so was so surprised I was upset over a little thing like an F on a progress report that she LAUGHED when I told her!


In 10th grade, I let my friend drive my car. She told me that she would be careful and not do anything stupid. Well, we ended up on a country road just outside of town. The roads were much worse than the ones in town, all icy and slick. I told her to pull over and let me drive back to town, but she said that it would be fine. I guess to prove her point, she started to swerve from the left side to the right side of the road and back. She said "see", and I told her not to do it again. She said I worry to much, so she sped up and started to swerve again. Next thing I know, the car was spinning out of control. I think we ended up doing three complete turns before the car slammed into a telephone pole. We weren't wearing our seatbelts (dumb...I know) but luckily the rear of the car hit the pole. We didn't break any bones, but my head slammed into the dash. We got out to look at the car and try to flag someone down so I could call my dad. The car was total and technically we, or she, was lucky to be alive. A huge tree limb had gone through the tire, through the car frame and stoped at the back of the driver's sear. Where she was sitting, and it was pointing directly at her chest.

When my dad and the police showed up, I told them that I was the one driving, so she wouldn't get in trouble. I thought I was being a good friend by taking the blame. But when my dad got the estimated cost to repair the damage (the car was considered total so to fix it was very expensive), I asked her to help. She told me that it was my fault because I let her drive. She might be right in a way, but she crashed it so, to me, she was just as much at fault as I was. I then told my dad the truth about everything. He contacted her parents and they had to pay for half.

She ended up getting in so much trouble by her parents and that made her mad at me. So what she did was unbelievable. She vandalized school property and told teachers and the principal that she saw me doing it. I had to stay on a Saturday and scrub the spray paint off the wall. Grrr...I was so mad, but I just let it go because I am not one to drag on a fight like that. I never talked to her again and so far I haven't had any problems like that either.


Senior year in high school found me with just a very few close friends that were girls, but we hung with a group of older boys.  One of my very best friends really liked this one guy in our group, but he did not return her feelings.  He loved her as a friend but that is were it stopped for him.  One night, I drove him home from a party and we ended up making out for quite awhile.  I was so horrified that  I actually did this and I felt like I was stabbing my friend in the back.  I still feel bad about it today.


So I was 15 and a junior in high school then. Me and my friend were sort of close to this guy who was like the class clown. I mean, he talks and makes fun of everybody (in a sort of amusing and non-irritating way). There was this girl that was crushing on that guy and I don't know, it seemed like she was jealous of me and my friend (cause the guy rarely speaks to her and oftentimes talks to us). So one time, I was preparing to leave school and go home and I had my pile of notebooks just there on the floor. She was cleaning the room and sweeping the floor then (we were assigned to this once every month, I think) and she suddenly starts hitting my notebooks with the broom. Not hit, as in hit, just sort of you know, the broom was touching my notebooks! I mean, c'mon! Do my notebooks look anything like dirt?! And to think that I never had a thing for the guy she was crushing on! Hmp!


Once one of my old and dear friends Mary wanted to come over, but a girl who had moved to my neighborhood a few years ago, had plans to come over and she didn't want Mary to come because she was "annoying". I was so desperate for her to like me, not be mad at me, and scared she would think I was un-cool and refuse to speak to me, that I agreed and pretended to call my mom and go (but why can't Mary come also? Ect.). A year or so later when I was 16 she moved and I realized that I had done some pretty mean things to people I care about because of her. I know she was mostly a good person and I'm not ashamed I was ever her friend, I just wish I had the backbone to go "well i'm inviting her and if you have a problem with that you don't have to come."

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