Honoring the Books of SPFBO 2018

As mentioned a couple of days ago, the ten finalists in 2018’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off are taking a moment to recognize the many other deserving books that were judged alongside ours (because with three hundred in the mix, how could there not be many?). You can find out more about the SPFBO and what it involves here.

I’m so grateful for the new readers the SPFBO has brought to my series, and I wanted to let you know about a few other books you might enjoy if you liked mine! You can also see the books recommended by Steve McKinnon yesterday here.

Dragon School

If you grew up on Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern books and you love YA, the Dragon School series should be perfect for you. It’s a gripping merging of dragon-riders with a teen academy setting, set in a fantasy world with plenty of secrets to uncover. In this first volume, the characters have to struggle through tests that can be just as dangerous as the trials in Ruthless Magic.


The YA fantasy Godmaker takes the competition via trials concept even further, with a character who must fight to earn the right to remain a goddess or be exiled as a mortal. Like Ruthless Magic, it features a heroine forced to give her all when the odds are against her and magical powers galore.

A Dance of Silver and Shadow

A YA fairy tale retelling might not sound like it’d have much in common with my series, but A Dance of Silver and Shadows gives the Twelve Dancing Princesses story an unexpected twist. The princesses venture into the supernatural realm to compete in a mysterious tournament in the hopes of protecting their new home.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in making SPFBO happen, from Mark Lawrence to the judges to the readers who’ve followed along!

Looking for even more indie fantasy recs? Check out the books J. Zachary Pike is honoring here tomorrow!

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