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A Month of Japan blog seriesBecause A Mortal Song is set in Japan, in the month leading up to the book’s release I wanted to celebrate some of the amazing media out there by Japanese creators. I’ll be highlighting my favorite books, TV shows, and films (as well as some snack box services—you need something to munch on while you’re doing all that watching and reading!). You can find a full list of my faves and other resources here on my website.

Book Rec – Out by Natsuo Kirino


What it’s all about: This mesmerizing novel tells the story of a brutal murder in the staid Tokyo suburbs, as a young mother who works the night shift making boxed lunches strangles her abusive husband and then seeks the help of her coworkers to dispose of the body and cover up her crime. The coolly intelligent Masako emerges as the plot’s ringleader, but quickly discovers that this killing is merely the beginning, as it leads to a terrifying foray into the violent underbelly of Japanese society.

Why you should read it: This book is absolutely gripping, difficult to put down from the moment the story gets going. The extreme situation the characters find themselves in is both horrifying and understandable, and the varied reactions of the four main characters ring true. Masako is smart and tough, able to make the best of a bad situation, but not without her vulnerabilities. And I loved seeing the focus on women supporting each other and working together, though of course there’s plenty of conflict between them too. If you enjoy thrillers, you’ve got to read this one.

Content warning: Graphic violence

What’s your most-loved story about women making their own fates? Let me know in the comments.

Join me tomorrow for my next rec! You can read more about A Mortal Song in the meantime:


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