Signed copies of Those Who Lived

For those who were interested in getting a signed copy of Those Who Lived, my Fallen World short story collection, I now have my first batch of finished copies and shipping costs confirmed!

(Listed prices include the cost of the book + the cost of shipping)

I can send within Canada for $12.

I can send to the US for $18.

I can send internationally for $21 (surface mail, may take several weeks) or $28 (letter mail, should get just about anywhere within a week).

I should be able to offer a lower price per book to the US and internationally if you want more than one or order with a local friend, since the shipping is the main cost, so feel free to ask about that.

If you expect to see me at a Toronto meet-up or one of my appearances, ask me to bring a copy for you and it’ll only cost you $8.

Unfortunately the paperback version is not yet available on, but honestly, with the exchange rate it could end up costing you around $12 on there anyway, so if you’re in Canada and want the paperback, signed or not, it may be easiest just to order from me. If you’d rather buy it from an official source, I expect it’ll be up there in the next month or two!

To request a signed copy and make payment arrangements (I can take Paypal or check), please e-mail me.

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