A winter holidays offer!

With the winter holidays approaching, I’m pleased to be offering a little token of appreciate to those who enjoy my books — and who want to share them with others. 🙂

It’s very simple. From now (Nov 25) through December 25th, if you buy any of my books as a present to yourself or to someone else, I will send you a signed bookplate to turn that book into an autographed copy.

What is a bookplate? Well, mine look like this:

And I sign them with a little message and personalization if requested (to whichever name you’d like), just as I would if I was signing the actual book.

What if you’d prefer to get/give ebooks? Not a problem! I’m happy to send a personalized and signed bookplate just as a collector’s item, or I could sign a bookmark for you if you’d prefer that.

How many bookplates/bookmarks can you request? One for every book you buy! You could get one for yourself and gift several others, and I’ll send a nice stack of bookplates (or bookmarks, if preferred) to cover all of them.

How do you go about requesting your bookplate(s)? First, buy whichever books of mine you’d like to get or give. In the US, they can all be found on Amazon and on Powells, or you can find a local indie through Indiebound. In Canada, try Chapters-Indigo or McNally Robinson or your neighborhood indie. International folks may find BookDepository is their best bet.

Then, e-mail me with 1) your name and mailing address, 2) the name of the person (if any) you’d like each book signed to, and 3) proof of purchase. If you’ve bought the book(s) in a physical store, you can take a photo of the receipt and attach that. If you’ve bought them online, you can send a screenshot (instructions here).

That’s all there is to it!

What if I want the actual book signed? Unfortunately there’s no easy way for me to arrange that… in most circumstances. If you live, work, or go to school in the Toronto area, I may be able to meet up to sign books — you’re welcome to e-mail me to check. There should also be signed copies available at Mabel’s Fables, Chapters South London, and Chapters Brampton. And you can always come see me at The Bookshelf in Guelph on December 7th!

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Happy holidays!

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