Coveting: Space clothes

I guess it should be obvious from my upcoming trilogy that I am a fan of things space-related. It should also be obvious to anyone who’s talked clothes with me that I am a huge ModCloth devotee. (If you ever compliment me on a dress I’m wearing, there is a 90% chance I cheerfully inform you, “It’s from ModCloth!”) These two loves frequently collide, because ModCloth has a rather large selection of space-themed clothing. I’ve managed to pick up a few items, but my non-self-replenishing wallet and my lack of speediness have left me coveting many others. For example…

I so wanted to wear this Just Be Cosmic dress for the Earth & Sky launch party. Is it not gorgeous? And it is the perfect cut for me. And the stars glow in the dark, people. How awesome is that?

Unfortunately I didn’t come across it until it was already sold out in any size there was any hope of fitting me, and now it appears to be gone forever. *sob* If anyone ever sees a medium for sale somewhere, give me a shout and the link, will you?

I’ve also had my eye on this Aerospace Engineer tunic…

Which has an equally cool print and some spiffy Star Trek-esque styling. And this The Way I Galaxy It dress…

Oooh. It’s lovely too.

Possibly the coolest space clothing still on the site, though — which I would be all over if my feet weren’t so weirdly shaped I have enough trouble finding shoes when I can try them on:

The Aerospace Cadet boot. Excuse me while I drool a little.

What have you been coveting lately?


Coveting: Space clothes — 2 Comments

  1. Not sure if you’re still interested, but FYI, the ‘Just be Cosmic’ dress has been restocked at modcloth as of yesterday april the 20th!

    I ran across your plea while I was doing my own desperate search for a lead on this dress. Figured I could use good karma points, so I’m spreading the word (now that I’ve ordered mine!)
    Jen P.

    • Hey, I appreciate the heads up! I actually had email notifications set up for the dress and bought it yesterday after ModCloth let me know it was back. 😀 Hope you enjoy it too!

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