Picturing Earth & Sky‘s characters

With Earth & Sky‘s release just a few weeks away, I thought I’d introduce you to some of the characters. Or, at least, approximately what I imagine those characters look like.

If you’d rather form your own mental images without interference, this is your cue to stop reading. 😉


Earth & Sky‘s main character, Skylar, looks a lot like That 70s Show-era Laura Prepon:

Although Skylar’s hair is not as red — mostly brown, like here:

Win is on the receiving end of looks like this rather a lot early on in the story:


Win was the character I could first picture clearly — I immediately thought of Luke Pasqualino from the UK Skins (with added bonus, he has the correct accent too):

For the most of the book, he does not get to be quite that relaxed. This would be closer to his more frequent emotional state:


Skylar’s best friend Angela could be portrayed by Devon Seron, and is generally just as cheerful as you see here:


The leader of Win’s rebel group, Jeanant, is a ringer for Sendhil Ramamurthy (in earlier drafts of the book, Skylar had a crush on him, and I’d imagine you can see why):


The Enforcer who pursues Skylar and Win through time and around the world is a pretty close match for Tilda Swinton a la the picture below, although Kurra has pale gray eyes (and would be wearing rather different clothing):


Jeanant’s second in command and the woman directly in charge of Win’s group, Thlo, has a very similar look to Joan Chen (and this would be a rather typical expression):


Win’s antagonizing colleague, Jule, who has a more prominent role in the rest of the trilogy, is represented in my files by Lee Thompson Young, who I was sad to discover has recently passed on:

He can be charming when he wants to be:

There you have it! If you’ve read the book, let me know whether my images fit yours, or whether you have alternate ideas (or ideas for characters not currently pictured). 🙂


Picturing Earth & Sky‘s characters — 2 Comments

  1. That wasn’t quite how I was picturing Skylar, but Luke Pasqualino is SPOT ON for how I thought of Win 🙂 And for some reason, I didn’t picture Jeanant with hair so those curly locks really surprised me at first haha! This is really neat to see, thanks Megan!

    • Yeah, she isn’t perfect for Skylar, but that’s the closest actress I could find. 🙂

      Cool that I got Win’s Luke Pasqualino-ness across accurately! 😀 (Random detail: The main reason his corduroy blazer is gray is because of that first photo with the gray cardigan thingy above… I just thought a blazer was cooler than a cardigan.)

      Interesting about Jeanant… I have trouble picturing him bald! Heh.

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