Toronto Launch Party!

For those of you local, yes, I am having an in person launch party for The Worlds We Make. I’d love to see you there!

When: Saturday March 8th at 3pm (until we decide to wrap up–I’d imagine no earlier than 5pm)

Where: Bakka-Phoenix Books, 84 Harbord St (just west of Spadina), Toronto, ON

What: Books sold and signed, refreshments and swag offered. I’ll be answering any questions you have about the trilogy and am happy to chat about just about anything. 🙂 And there’ll be a special guest appearance by my other recent “project”, The Baby!

If you think you’ll be able to attend, you can RSVP here on Facebook.


Toronto Launch Party! — 4 Comments

  1. hi miss crewe my name is bonnie I am a huge fan, my life has not always as great as I would want. so to get away from that I would read your books, which then inspired me to want to write but the only problem is I can never start it off right without sounding like im copying off your book the way you write from the perspective of kayelyn writing in her diary, I loved the way you did that, an I thought that I could start off by writing my stories like that, I recently got my little computer back so I’m going to keep persisting, I hope you don’t mind but if I send you some of my stories could please tell me what you think of them it would mean the world to if I got your input I just think your fabulous, your unique writing style is so delicate but at the same time simple. I am looking forward to hearing from you so much you are my idle. wishing you the best for your book writing. your fan bonnie 🙂

    • Hi Bonnie!

      I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my books so much! It can definitely be hard to find your own voice when you’re just starting out with writing — I had the same problem myself. There’s nothing wrong with writing something that’s similar to other stories you like as you’re learning the craft. The more you write, the easier it is to find your own unique approach. 🙂

      Unfortunately I can’t give feedback on readers’ stories at the moment. I hardly have time even to read stories for my close writer friends! But there are lots of websites and forums online where you can find other writers to exchange feedback with, if you look for them.

      Best of luck with your writing!

  2. Hi Megan, or Mrs. Crewe, or whatever you’re supposed to call an author,
    I just finished The Worlds We Make in 23 hours and wow. I really really love this series so much and I want to thank you for being so good and great and fantastic! I know they’re not the most popular books (I don’t know why), but I kind of like that. It makes me feel like it’s my own personal fandom. The last time I commented on here, you replied really quickly, which I wouldn’t exactly expect from JK Rowling. I can honestly say that The Way We Fall is my favorite book and I tell everyone who asks. I plan on reading Give Up The Ghost super soon. Please keep writing!!! You have a ton of talent.

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