The hardest things to lose

Over at TeenReads today, I’m sharing the three things I’d most hate to lose if the world fell apart the way it does in the Fallen World trilogy:

The title of my newest book, The Lives We Lost, doesn’t just refer to the loved ones the main characters and her friends have lost to the epidemic. It’s also about the loss of their way of life: all the facets of the modern world they took for granted, which are no longer possible when society has been reduced to small pockets of survivors.

Which has made me wonder, what parts of the life I take for granted would I miss the most in the same situation? Many aspects would be difficult for anyone — going without electricity, having to scrounge for food and sources of heat, deciding who to trust — and of course there are lots of luxuries I’d miss, but what would hit me personally the hardest?

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If you have a moment, stop by and share what you’d find most difficult to give up!

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