Book 3 title and (sort of) cover reveal!

My publisher’s catalog for next winter has gone live, which means I get to share with you a little info about Fallen World book 3 very early! To begin with, I’m very pleased to announce that the title of the third book in the trilogy is….

The Worlds We Make

I’m so happy I got to keep this title — it’s the title I was using for the sequel to The Way We Fall back before that sequel had to be split in two, and I think it captures the end of the story perfectly.

And not only that, but I’ve been given permission to share the preliminary version of The Worlds We Make‘s cover! Now, this cover isn’t finalized and may still undergo some tweaking, which is why it has that Cover Not Final watermark. But I think you can get a pretty good idea.

Drum roll, please!


I love how the colors are going to work with the yellow of The Way We Fall and the blue of The Lives We Lost!

There you have it! What do you think of the title and the cover? 🙂


Book 3 title and (sort of) cover reveal! — 33 Comments

  1. I looove this colour! Didn’t see it coming at all. I also love the image that the title is type-masked over. And the title is ambitious and fitting. 🙂

  2. Oh this is pretty. Maybe a bit brighter purple just to match the pop of the first two but overall I like it!!

    • Yeah, it’s quite possible they’ll adjust things like that… I’ll be sure to share the final version when it’s available! Glad you like it! 🙂

  3. I really do like it, but I agree with one of the other comments. I think it should be a little more.. purple. Maybe have the darker purple on the outside, and the lighter purple on the inside of the words. Just to make it stand out as much as the others. It feels really watered down right now.

    But I do love it! I kept trying to imagine what color it would be and I never expected purple, yet I love how it looks.

    I cannot wait! Seriously!

  4. I really love it! However, when I read “The Way we Fall”, it had a differet cover from the yellow one. I’d borrowed it from my English teacher, who got some type of special edition at a teacher’s convention, and so the book was a paper back even though it didn’t come out in bookstores yet, and I think it had a picture of a face on it or something?

    • Your teacher probably had an advance reader copy (ARC). Those get printed before the book is out, to give out to reviewers and at conventions. The ARC for THE WAY WE FALL had to original cover, which had a blue color scheme and a girl’s face superimposed with trees. They ended up changing it because they felt it didn’t capture the post apocalyptic feel of the book well enough. Though the Australian publisher kept that cover, interestingly enough!

  5. Omg so excited!!! Lookss great, and I have seen TWWF cover recently, looks different from the original one am I right? The color is more faded and theres now 2 people! Maybe I’m seeing things or was it actually changed?

    • You’re not imagining things! 🙂 The cover of TWWF was updated for the paperback, in a way that I think makes it even more intriguing than the original without losing the very cool design elements.

  6. I can’t say I’m honestly a fan of the covers, no offense, for me it was the title of the book that grabbed my attention on the shelf. The initial one that is, because there’s something of a mystery about a title like The Way We Fall, it doesn’t scream this book is about… the way many titles do so it made me curious enough to read the blurb and I really liked the journal entries of the first novel which kept me reading beyond a couple pages. And of course after the reading the first one you’d have to have the willpower of a saint not to read the second one, that and a major intelligence problem because I don’t see how someone wouldn’t want to know more, to see if Kaelin gets some sort of happy ending to her story because I’m a sucker for wanting a character who’s gone through so much to find a little light at the end of the tunnel. I actually just reread The Way We Fall and read The Lives We Lost today and stopped by your website to see if there might be any info of an approximate release date for this novel so that I can watch for it. As one of my favorite characters isn’t currently in a happy place I’m highly impatient for the third novel and praying I won’t be disappointed with that characters fate. Anyway now that I’ve babbled do you know an approximate time frame to be looking for this novel?

    • Sorry to hear you’re not so into the covers. Unfortunately it’s impossible to please everyone. But it’s great to hear you’ve been enjoying the trilogy so far! 🙂

      As to the release date for THE WORLDS WE MAKE, that probably won’t be finalized until later this year, but it should be another winter release. So sometime between Jan and March 2014. Most likely February again. I apologize for the long wait! It’s the usual yearly trilogy schedule.

  7. Yay!!! I absolutely love the title!!! I agree with the other person, if it was a bit brighter to pop like the others, it’d be perfect!!! I cannot wait to read it!

  8. Just sat down yesterday and started The Way We Fall, now here it is day 2 and I just completed The Lives We Lost, both recommended by my 17 yr old. Wow, I need number 3 pronto. Great books. Loved them.

  9. I want that book. Now. I’ve read the other books already. They are awesome! Such wonderful characters! You made them come to life!!
    You are a gifted writer, Megan. ^_^

    By the way, that cover is AMAZING! I love the color, love the design, love everything!

    ~Only wishes of good luck from a little country near the Black Sea.

  10. Love the cover, and the name. Very intrigued by the two people on the front… The first one I assumed was Gav and Kae, trying to fix the island. The Lives We Lost I assumed the four people were our foursome, Gav, Kae, Leo and Tessa. But this one… well only two people. Assuming the one on the left is Kae, then it’s interesting who the one on the right could be. Is it Gav, being dragged south? Is it Leo, reluctant to trust others? Or is it maybe someone else?
    Of course, this is just my mind working in weird ways. I just finished reading The Way We Fall and The Lives We Lost in the past 24 hours, and now my mind is dealing with the fact that I can’t found out what happens to them until February. Six looooong months.
    Beautiful books though! Can’t wait for the World We Make 🙂 Well done!!

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