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You might remember I mentioned a couple weeks back that I’d gotten my ARCs of The Lives We Lost and to expect a giveaway? Well, it’s giveaway time! I wouldn’t normally be giving away copies this far before the release date, but as a thank you for all the support The Way We Fall has gotten, I’m offering one of these beautiful shiny ARCs so a lucky reader can continue Kaelyn’s story half a year early.

The giveaway has one rule: It is only open to those who have already read The Way We Fall. (After all, if you haven’t yet, what do you need the sequel for?) But don’t worry — if you’ve been planning to get to TWWF and just haven’t yet, the giveaway is open for two weeks, so you have lots of time to fix that. πŸ™‚

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The Lives We Lost early ARC giveaway! — 51 Comments

  1. Tell me your favorite character from The Way We Fall, and a sentence or two (or more, if you’d like!) explaining why.

    When a deadly virus begins to sweep through sixteen-year-old Kaelyn’s community, the government quarantines her islandβ€”no one can leave, and no one can come back. Those still healthy must fight for dwindling supplies, or lose all chance of survival.

    My fave character is the main, because I instantly connected with her and wondered what would I do if everything I was used to changed where could I hide, where could run to for safety if hiding wasn’t an option (I am a chicken lol)

    But I was glad that you wrote a protagonist that wasn’t a chicken like me and took charge by her joining former rival and since I am a sucker for romance I was happy that on top of all the crazy things that the protagonist endured she let herself feel affection for someone else, I mean in situations as a plague certain things are not a priority such as love. plus I was on the edge of my seat so to speak wondering each page I turned how the heck she was going to achieve saving the people she loved, I won’t give away anything, because i hate spoilers=o)

  2. GAV!!!!! Hands down, the moment he entered the story I couldn’t put it down!!! πŸ™‚ He’s such a complex character–I really hope we see some more of his leadership in this book!

  3. Tehehe… does it sound really lame if I say I loved Gav for his full name? πŸ˜› But in all seriousness, I loved his “hero complex” and his overall nobleness. I have to say he’s such a refreshing change from all the brooding, moody heroes/love interests. πŸ™‚

  4. Well,my favorite character definitely it’s Kaelyn.She is so strong,altruistic ,ambitious and the perfect friend.She is the perfect main character.I really felt a deep conection and sometimes I felt wht she felt.She is absolutely lovely! <3

  5. My favorite character? LEO! I know we don’t know much about him in The Way We Fall but the way how Tess and Kae just have this affection towards him is completely mesmerizing. I found myself loving him SO much when Kae described him as her only friend and the one who understood her. And how can you not love a guy like that? Even though I don’t know much I love him and I really want to know more in The Lives We Lost! πŸ™‚

  6. OK — Kaelyn was far and away my favorite character but Tessa was the perfect counterpoint to her.
    The last line from my review of TWWF:
    This is one of those books that you must read in one sitting since you will be dying (cough) to find out what happens next.
    I would adore to get a copy of this so I can say I have read everything you have written.

  7. I’m not sure I have a *very* favourite, because I liked Kaelyn a lot, but I was also really intrigued with leo. I agree with what Monica said re: getting a great idea of who this person is, despite not actually meeting them on the page.

  8. I liked Gav the best. He completely messed with my expectations. I was really wary of him at first, and then as I got to know him better, I really admired how brave he was and dedicated to helping people.

  9. My favorite character is Gav because he is so selfless and sometimes mysterious? also, I really like the moment when he said β€œYou learn a lot when you know no one else is going to do things for you.”

  10. I really like Gav. He is such a selfless character and I love the way he takes initiative to help others on the island. He gives me hope for humanity in a time of crisis because he doesn’t just look out for himself.

  11. Kaelyn! I enjoyed following her as I read, and she turned out to be a wonderful heroine. She was smart, quick, useful, and though her world was crumbling around her, she tried her best to stay strong for herself and her family. I loved her.

  12. My favorite character totally had to be Kaelyn! I loved how she grew throughout the books, because of everything thrown at her. I really fell in love with her and her strength by the end of the book!

  13. How can I pick ONE character? Part of why this book worked so well was the way they all played off each other. I love how Tessa and Kaelyn’s friendship develops out of necessity, but then becomes genuine. I also love Kaelyn’s brother (whose name escapes me at the moment). I want more of his story!

  14. I thought the development of all of the characters was extremely appropriate in this novel. I will be different and pay a shout out to Kaelyn’s dad. He shows his protective nature when he is trying to save his family, his strength when he is dealing with his wife and daughter’s illness, and his dedication to trying to find the cure. What a guy!

  15. I liked Kaelyn! I thought she was a very realistic character and I liked the way she grew as the story progressed.

  16. Oooh! I want to know what happens to the family next! I liked the MC’s older brother (I am TERRIBLE with character names! Sorry!) I like how he disappeared and reappeared and hope he is finding a safe way for the survivors to escape the island.

  17. I really enjoyed Kaelyn. I felt the most connected to her because of the journal entries. These can be really personal and show the true inner feelings of a person. I really felt like I got to know her character.

  18. It’s definitely Kaelyn. It takes a great strength of character like hers to go through such horrors and difficulties she experienced. There were so many lives lost and Kaelyn was able to pull through all of it. For that she earned my respect and endeared her character to me as well πŸ™‚

  19. Tessa. I mean, it’s really impossible to pick, but Tessa was just wow. Her strength, her reserve and her incredible ability to find a way to keep going — I loved discovering her alongside Kaelyn.

  20. My favorite character from TWWF was by far Gav. I think I enjoyed his character so much because I really didn’t see his and Kaelyn’s relationship coming. When he was first introduced I thought he was for sure going to be the villain so I was happily surprised when I was completely wrong.

  21. I LOVE Gav!!!! Theres just so much to him. And his and Kaelyn’s relationship is so real and powerful I just cant wait to read what happens next! I can’t pick just one part from the book I love, but I love K’s letters. They’re super powerful!

  22. My favorite character would have to be Tessa. I was totally fascinated by her–from her skill as a gardener to her sense of independence, she is not like any teenage girl I’ve ever met and yet still feels like one that could plausibly exist. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy all of the characters, but Tessa is who I wish I was a little more like!

  23. Kaelyn is my favorite character. She has strenght and courage, and although she is vulnerable, she grows through the novel and we can see her determination when she faces impossible situations.

  24. Gav! I loved that he was so determined to do something good even though most of his friends eventually gave in to violence. I liked finding out his background a little and understanding why he was the way he was. Can’t wait for the next book!

  25. I just finished reading The Way We Fall – in one day! My favorite character is Meredith, what a brave little girl going through so much at such an early age. I can NOT wait to read the sequel…will she (fully) recover? will her mother come back for her? (Where did her mom run off too?) As a school library media specialist, I can NOT wait to share your story with my older students!

  26. My favorite character was Tessa, because she is such a strong person. I really admire how well she adapts to change.

  27. Eeeep! What a relief that I came back to the world of blog-browsing in time… otherwise I’d have missed this!
    Here’s to holding thumbs…
    Meredith is my fave character. She’s such a well-developed secondary character, and she is sweet and strong. I just want to adopt her!

  28. Absolutely GAV!:) He’s so good person, he’s not selfish like, for example, Quentin. He lost his family, his best friend, but he stil have Kaelyn..

  29. I LOVED TWWF. it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I cannot wait to find out what happens next. Thanks for the giveaway Megan!

  30. Oh that’s what I get for leaving the comment first! My favourite character is Gav because he has such a huge heart. Even though he knows it could kill him, he still going door to door to make sure everyone has enough supplies. Gotta love a selfless man πŸ™‚

  31. Of course I loved Kaelyn since you get into her head throughout the book, but I really loved Gav and Tessa too. I can’t pick a favorite!

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