The music of The Way We Fall – “Let There Be Morning”

And here we are at the second-to-last song from The Way We Fall‘s unofficial soundtrack, The Perishers’ “Let There Be Morning”:

This is a song about dying, but it’s also a song about making it through one more night, seeing the dawn light and hearing the birds sing, welcoming the morning, which I think makes it hopeful too. And so, to me, it’s the perfect song for the end of the novel, as Kaelyn comes to grips with everything she’s lost and realizes how grateful she is for what she still has. There’s still plenty of uncertainty (“I don’t know how/I made it ’til now…” “Will I see another dawn?”). Yet at the same time, she’s ready to meet whatever will come (“Hello future, goodbye past…” “Let there be light/Let there be morning”).


The music of The Way We Fall – “Let There Be Morning” — 1 Comment

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