It’s really real!

I usually try not to post twice in one day, but I think circumstances require it. Look what just showed up at my door!

The very first copies of The Way We Fall, the actual book.

My camera doesn’t really do it justice. The yellow is much more saturated, and the title text (front and spine) is embedded in that glossy yellow with this matte, slightly gritty texture. I may have been petting it. A lot.

I’m going to have a whole bunch more copies very soon, and some of those I’ll be sharing with you!


It’s really real! — 7 Comments

    • Just have to wait for the big box to arrive! (My editor kindly sent two right away so I could see them, but I haven’t gotten my full set of author copies yet.)

  1. I’m so happy for you! I was lucky enough to read this as an ARC and I can’t wait to get my hands on a published copy. The cover is awesome and eye catching for sure. I assume the shadow is Kaelyn. I can’t wait to read this story again!

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