Reader Question: What I won’t write

What genre or story plot are you likely to never write about?

I don’t believe in saying never, because there have been things I thought I’d never write, but then I got just the right idea or my perspective changed, and I did after all. So. What I think it is unlikely I will write:

-A book in which nothing supernatural, fantastical, or science-fictional happens. I enjoy reading realistic books, but when it comes to writing, I find I need some sort of speculative “what if” to keep my interest engaged.

-A picture book. I need more words than that. Chapter books and early readers also unlikely; I will not discount upper middle grade, however.

-An adult novel. I have hundreds of ideas written down and so far none of them would work better as an adult novel than a YA novel. I think my creativity is just inherently programmed toward writing for teens. However, I’ll admit this is more likely than either of the above.

Um… I think that’s about all I can safely eliminate. There really aren’t any topics or plot lines that I find so distasteful I can’t imagine ever going there–in fact, I find there’s often a lot of value in going places with your writing that make you uncomfortable!

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