Give Up the Ghost in Romania!

I have discovered that Give Up the Ghost is now available for order in Romania, with the official release date being January 31st. My Romanian publisher, Leda Books, even made this awesome flash presentation for the book. How cool is that?

As you can see, the Romanian title is Mai Las-o Moale Cu Fantomele, which I can’t quite figure out. Google Translate has it as something about “soft ghosts” which I’m guessing is not meant literally. 🙂 It does appear they’ve directly translated the tag line I’ve been using for the book (“I have friends, you just wouldn’t believe they exist”), which is pretty cool too.

I’m pleased to have already talked to some very enthusiastic Romanian book bloggers. *waves* Hope you all enjoy the book!


Give Up the Ghost in Romania! — 8 Comments

    • I have no idea who the girl on the cover is, actually! It may very well be a stock photograph from a large collection–most covers use those rather than actual models.

  1. In english, “Mai las-o moale cu fantomele” is more similar to “ease up on the ghosts” or even better ” enough with the ghosts”; “moale” = easy, soft and “fantomele” = the ghosts (the noun is “fantome” and the article is “le”) 😀
    Trust me, I know.

  2. Hey! I am from Romania too and i’m glad we can have the book here 😀 i am going tomorrow to buy it & i can’t wait <3 i am sure i'm gonna spend all my day reading it lol. Is there any book following this one, or it's the only novel?

    • Give Up the Ghost is a stand-alone, which means there won’t be any other books about the same characters. But I do have another book, about different characters, that’s coming out in about a year. 🙂

      Hope you enjoy GHOST!

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